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MX Championships

Oct. 15 - Tentative

2022 Events Schedule
New - Winter Series Points
Sat. Apr. 16 Motocross - D3 Points
Sun. May 8 Motocross - D3 Points
Sun, May 29 NYOA Harescrambles
Sun. June 26 D3 Motocross CANCELLED
Sat, July 9 Boyesen Vet Motocross Championships Bikes ONLY
Sun, July 10

Motocross - D3 & D34 Points
Manufacturers Contingency

Sun, Aug. 28 Motocross - D3 Points
Sun, Sept. 25

40th Annual Broome-Tioga Motocross Championships
D3 & D34 Points - Bikes ONLY
Manufacturers Contingency

Sun, Oct. 8

ACR Vintage Motocross - Plus Support Classes - Bikes ONLY

Sun, Oct. 16 Motocross - D3 & D34 Points
Manufacturers Contingency
Sun, Oct. 23 Motocross - D3 Points
Halloween Classic

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40th Broome-Tioga
Motocross Championship


We are sorry to have to Postpone this weekend's events.

We have experienced too much rain over the last four
days and expect an 80% chance of rain Sunday. It is in everyone's best interest to postpone this event.

Mike Dougherty and I are looking to reschedule it on Saturday, Oct. 15. the day before our Sunday race.

Please understand our disappontment in postponing
this weekend's race.  Sincerely, Tom Hurd

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Motocross Race
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