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Rekluse Torque Drive Clutch
for 2009-2018  Kawasaki KX250f

Pre-owned, but like new (see pictures of no wear)!

Kit has 30% more friction plates than the stock
clutch, is much longer lasting and provides
much stronger and smoother hookup.

  • Increased performance and durability.
  • Responsive throttle, feels like the throttle is connected to the rear wheel.
  • Snappier, stronger engagement / feel.
  • Increased torque capacity empowers the rider to use the motor's full potential.
  • Reduced clutch fade.

Retail is over $700 new for this kit!

Buy it now for $329.95
Free shipping


Hinson Billet Clutch Basket
for 2006-18 KX450f

Hard Anodized Aluminum.

Hinson_hubHinson_PlateHinson Billet Clutch Hub & Pres. Plate
for 2006-18 KX450f
Used but very little wear.

Hinson Billet Steel Clutch Basket
for 2006-18 KX450f

Reduces wheel spin & smooths power delivery!

Buy it now for $189.95
Free shipping
Buy it now for $199.95
Free shipping
Buy it now for $239.95
Free shipping
TM Slider Kit

NEW TM Designworks chain slider/roller kit

Fits Kawasaki KX 450f '16-18
and KX250f '17-19

Tusk Back Wheel

NEW Tusk Wheel Set for Kawasaki 450.

Pro Wheel

NEW Pro Wheel brand back rim
19" x 2.15"

Buy it now for $59.95
Free shipping
Buy set now for $499.95
Pick up or contact me for shippment.
Buy it now for $119.95
Free shipping
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Spark Prospect
WC Device

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Item code: Spark $22.95 / $19.95

Scott Prospect Goggles with Roll Offs
Brand New in original packaging.

Retail price $152.95

Buy it now for $99.95
Pick up or contact me for shippment.

Works Connection Pro Launch Device
Part #12-335 ~ Fits 
2006-2014 KX450f
Will fit some KX 250f (you will need to research).
As good as NEW and $40 less than a new one!

Buy it now for $79.95
Free shipping