2009 Track Championship Series
Broome-Tioga Sports Centers will conduct the 
2009 Track Championship Points Series. Points will be kept at the 
events throughout the motocross season. 
Starting on April 4 and ending at the September 26-27 event. 
The Northeast Classic and the State Championship events will count as 
Double Points Events. Mud or Rain races will also be Double Points Events. 
You must attend at least 5 races to be scored for track points. 
Points will be kept as follows:

Sign-up  5 points          
  overall finish
  1st   2nd   3rd 4th    5th 6th
1-4 riders   3pts.  1pt.        
5-9 riders 5pts. 3pts.  1pt.      
10-14 riders    7pts. 5pts.    3pts.  1pt.    
15 or more riders     10pts.   7pts.  5pts.   3pts. 2pts. 1pt.

  We will have an awards ceremony at the end of the season and
 jackets will be awarded to the top 3 points winners in each class.
(Limited to one jacket per rider. Any rider placing in the top three in two or
more classes will receive an upgraded jacket for their efforts.) 
We will also have High Points Awards for the following categories,
High Points Youth, High Points Amateur, High Points Expert, & High Points Vet.

The Awards Ceremony will be a Day of Champions on
Oct 10 to honor the top 3 and their families

2009 Track Championship Points
Race Dates

*April 4 
*April 5
Loretta Lynn Area Qualifier
Loretta Lynn Area Qualifier
*May 2
*May 3
Northeast classic warm up race
Northeast Classic - Manufacturers Contingency
*June 13   
*June 14
Northeast Classic Warm up race
Northeast Classic - Manufacturers Contingency
26 & 27 


27th Annual Kawasaki Team Green 
New York State Championships


2008 Broome-Tioga Final Track Points 

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