Broome-Tioga Sports Center Results
AHRMA/ACR Vintage, Vet & Youth Triathlon
Ferguson Fantastic at Broome-Tioga

By Jim Sanderson


Hurd Motorsports, promoters of the picturesque Broome-Tioga Sports Center, nestled in the rolling hills of upstate New York, added unique new race to their 2010 calendar, the Vintage, Vet and Youth Triathlon. This event was to consist of three motos, one moto on the former national track, one moto on the new Broome-Tioga II motocross track and one moto on the national caliber grass track.

Unfortunately, the weather forecast for Saturday called for extensive thunderstorms and the possibility of flash flooding and rainfall of 4 to 6 inches. Needless to say, with a forecast like that, rider turnout was nowhere near what was expected and due to the rare low turnout, the promoter reduced the event to one moto for the vintage classes on the grass track and one moto for modern bikes on the newly added Broome-Tioga II racecourse and then opened up the entire facility for practice for the remained of the day.

Bill Ferguson won the Vintage race of the combined gates of the 1975-1977, 1965-1974 Over 40 and 1975-1983 Over 50 classes. Ferguson won the race going away, nailing the holeshot and at end of the moto held a 31 second lead over second place.

Ferguson, Mike Hickman, Tom France, Angel Betancourt and Randy Brabant led the start of the moto. Ferguson quickly opened up a lead and continued to pull away at the start of lap two. France took second on the opening lap and was trailed by Robert Shofstahl, Hickman and Betancourt. Jay lane, Steve Clark, Stephen Walton, Brabant and Scott Hatch rounded out the top ten.

Ferguson had a 15 second lead at the start of lap three that increased to a whopping 22 seconds at the start of lap four. France and Shofstahl battled for second with France holding a two second gap over Shofstahl. Betancourt was now fourth and Lane fifth.
Ferguson backed off a bit at the end of lap four and started lap five with a measly 14 second advantage and the top five remained unchanged. Ferguson started lap six three quarters of lap ahead of France in second and took the checkers with an unprecedented 31 second lead. France, Shofstahl, Betancourt and lane closed out the top five. Clare, Hickman, Stephen Walton, Brabant and hatch completed the top ten.


Bill Ferguson (237), Mike Hickman (34g) and Angel Batancourt (10g) lead the start of the combined gate moto of Vintage 1975-1977, 1965-1974 Over 40 and 1975-1983 Over 50 at the Vintage Vet and Youth Triathlon at the Broome-Tioga Sports Center on July 10th in Binghamton, New York.

Bill Ferguson (237) won the moto going away, taking the holeshot and the win with a whopping 31 second advantage.

Tom France (959) and Robert Shofstahl (88b) battle for second.

Angel Betancourt (10g) and Jay Lane (55L) battle for fourth.

Mike Hickman (34g) and Stephen Walton (54) battle for seventh.

Photos courtesy of Jim Sanderson.